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The URL that I chose is the following:

This website is dedicated to people whose bank is BBVA and whose age is under 29.
This page offers interesting things to see and to do. There are different categories inside the website dedicated to music, cinema, TV, football and other sports. It also shows you what are the advantages of being a member of this bank and being under 29 years old.

Other things that this page offers is the services that Blue BBVA gives us and there is a space dedicated to news about famous people and other kind of issues going on in the world. This page has some interesting offers like winning presents if you do some determined things like opening an account.So as we can see, the content of the URL that I chose is not only about banking,is also focused in general aspects that many people is interested like news and services.

In this page there are many interesting things, one of them is that in this website there is some publicity related to the fact that BBVA is one of the sponsors of “La Liga” and that is a very good way of promoting this bank because this season the name of “La Liga” is called “Liga BBVA” and the second division is “Liga Adelante”, so like I said before, this is an effective way of promoting this bank because football is the most popular sport in Spain and it has lots of fans. In this website I found other interesting things like winning a MP4, a trip, a PSP or a Karaoke Singstar. But to conclude I should say that the most surprising thing that I noticed in this website is that there is a space dedicated to news, even though this page is about banking and I think it’s good that this website has other things not related to banking like offers, news and more links because is more interactive and interesting.

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