Banking 4444

The URL I have chosen for this work is the web site of BBVA. The web site is divided in two. The first division is aimed to customers of the bank, the URL is The customers may watch their transactions, see how the shares of the bank are quoting in the stock market, transfer money to countries wich have a BBVA brach office.
The second division is aimed to people that are not customers of the bank, the URL is . In this division people may obtain information and send their Curriculum Vitae trough the web site for applying for a job, read the most recent news about the bank.

What I found interesting about this web site is that you can do all type of transactions online, like if you were in the bank. You can consult how much money you have in each credit card or debit card, you can send money to countries wich have a BBVA brach office, apply for a loan. You can even activate a way of receiving a message each time you pay anything with the credit card or you withdraw cash, participate in the different prices the bank draws.
But the most interesting thing you can do in this web site is the possibility of buying and selling shares in the most important stock markets of the world online.

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