The bank I have chosen is Deutsche Bank. Its URL is, there you will find lots of information aimed for different kind of people. In my opinion this site is designed looking forward to potential applicants (people interested in working at Deutsche Bank) as well as to possible customers such as companys, investors or private customers.

At the user interested in looking for a job can fill in an application form and track his application online. If you have opened an account they offer the possibility of consulting how your savings or your investments are going. In case you are looking for Deutsche Bank info, downloading the annual report will report the user tons of reliable information such as the Balance Sheet, the P&L account, the Cash-Flow statement as well as short and mid range previsions regarding the future. If you fancy with secondary markets you can access to the online broker where you will find an easy and a quick way to operate in your portfolio and if you trust in DB analysts you can also follow their suggestions. Another typical section which is shown at many banks URL is the press review, there you can see the positive image that the bank has got facing the public, because they show always nice news about the activities, operations and evolution of the bank, they never let us know the negative facts so we should be careful, and also they will show us all the awards they have achieved along its history.

Trying to know a bit more about Deutsche Bank on its URL we find how is this institution structured, so let's say something about each department:

1) The Global Banking branch has been created to deal with corporative finances, mergers and acquisitions and specially nowadays, due to the economic crisis, finantial restructurations.

2) Private Wealth Management is used to invest the resources of the most rich people or families.

3) Global Transaction Banking includes the management of currencies, trade finance and treasury.

4) Private Banking is the typical business of bankers who are retailing services at the offices.

5) Global Markets includes the business of equity and debt markets. Currently I guess they are quite busy with the mortgage backed securities assets.

6) Finally, the Asset Management department is dedicated to alternative investments and to the investment funds management.

To conclude we should remark something weird that I have not seen at Deutsche Bank's website. The fact is that this bank isn't receiving money from the Public Administrations, an aspect that is extremely reliable when almost every of its competitors are being saved from bankruptcy because of this crisis. If I were a Deutsche Bank CEO I would emphasize this point and I would put a great advertisement at the website

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