Banking 2410

The most interesting page that I have found is one about the United States Senate Committee on banking, housing and urban affairs. The url is: At the beginning this committee was only about banking but in the last years it has gotten many reforms.
The content of this page is informative. It includes economic news with great detail and the measures of the government of UU.EE.
In one hand the most surprising of this page is the big informative content. We can find many epigraphs as: newsrooms, hearings, mark-ups, legislative calendar, committee information, links and contact.
The newsrooms include issues as: investment program, modernizing our financial system, stronger consumer, investor protections key to economic growth, etc.
In the other hand the most surprising content is the special treatment that gives to the report from the Federal Reserve on the AIG Restructuring. This notice inform clearly about the aims, the measures of AIG and describes the problems which has suffered in the last years.

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