banking 2111


The URL: is the website of the Federal Feserve Bank of New York. There, they give you an overview about the state of the FED, the posibility to consult the markets and see the foreign exchange or the terms of a securities lending facility, moreover you can concert a visit to the FED. On the other hand the website is aimed to all persons without having to know about economics.

I have choosen this website, because the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is certainly one of the most important organism of the United state with the Federal Reserve System and have a lot of influece on the sector. If you browse on the page in few minutes you can know some interesting news, such as what do the FED. What would I more called the attention of the page was the frase: the federal reserve bank of new york plays a leadership role in monetary policy, financial supervision and the payments system, because he reminds me the spirit of greatness of americans.

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