banking 1989

1. What is the URL (website address)
The website that i have decided to use is
2. Who is the site aimed at?
Is aimed to the people that are looking for a bank that transmit confidence, where they could deposite their savings
3. What can they do there?
in this website you can find all the facilities to handle your money.Also you are informed about intersting offers like studies, employement or scholarships.
4. What type of content does it contain?
This website is the website of a bank,so it give us information about the economic activities of its users and of the different an posible financial uses
5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?
i have find BBVA as a very interentig company because is an international group with a huge number of employees an about 35 million of customers.
it has recieved the prize given .to the best company to work and the prize given to the best company forming people
finally i have been interested in BBVA, specially beacuse nowadays BBVA has become in one of the most valorated banks in the world and one of the banks more awarded

Mark = 5

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