The bank I have chosen which website is is BNP Paribas. I have decided to talk about this bank since it is a European leader in banking and financial services. It was first based in France, but its network has reached 85 countries. In France, BNP Paribas offers a full range of services and banking products.

This Bank website contains different tabs which include:
• News: where we can find reports, events, etc.
• Press-Room: here we get information about the latest press releases e.g.04/03/2009 headline: “BNP Paribas develops retail banking in the Mediterranean basin”.
• Sustainable development: contains BNP Paribas Corporate and Environment Responsibility.
• Sponsoring: tennis professional tournaments worldwide.

It is important the fact that BNP Paribas Group operates in the same way in every subsidiary around the world but in Spain. While in other countries the bank is aimed at all kind of people in terms of the money they have, in Spain only people who have a considerable amount of money can be clients of the bank.

BNP Paribas has built up 3 major complementary areas of activity, on which the strategic focus
on the group’s activities is centered and where its financial strength essentially lies.

I found very surprising the fact that in their website they dedicate a whole tab talking about their core values. One of it was “ambition” which is usually considered a negative word but I keep reading and it said: “Aspiration for Challenge and leadership designing to obtain a team success in a competition where the refere is the client”.

Although I know that this bank sponsored some tennis professional tournaments worldwide I liked to read about it and I found that many times they offered to their best clients some tickets so they could enjoy the tennis match in the court.

Their annual results for the Group were not as bad as others leader’s banks in the crisis .They had the capacity to generate profits maintained in 2008 despite the crisis.

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