ING Direct is a bank which works supported by Dutch Central Bank and belongs to the Deposit Protection Fund, which ensures the security of the money.
So the site is aimed to any customer who wants to have their money safe, who wants to check up dates in their accounts and for anyone who wants to recruit any of their available services (in the least-consuming way).

ING is the first financial group in the world by revenue and is leading direct bank in Spain
This bank provides facilities to deposit the Money, to have the Money always available
and security operations.

The bank offers different products such us:
“cuenta naranja” which offers high returns for your servings and total availability of Money.
“cuenta nómina” which consists on entering your own two percent of the receipts of water, Light, etc. and no commissions.
“fondos naranja” are investment funds: a simple, created by the bank, and others, adapted to customer needs and created by them.
“planes de pensiones naranja” offers: high potential profitability and tax
“depositos naranja”: term deposits: 3 months, 6 months. offering high efficiency and availability of savings.
“broker naranja” give you the chance to invest in stock market wit very little commission ( nearly all over the world: Europe, Spain and united states)
“hipoteca naranja” you can open a new mortgage or chanche yours to ING.

ING Direct isn’t like a normal bank for many reasons. first of all because is has no branches, you make every transaction by internet telephone or ABM. this is one of the most surprising things.
another one is that this bank offers FRESH BANKING, there are no fees for the services, interests on loans are surprisingly low and you receive much higher interest than any other bank would give you.
In other words, fresh banking means that you get a high return of your money, decent profit. you pay very little commissions and ING Direct gives you total availability of your account statement. if you only need a little percentage of your money, the rest of it keeps on your account giving you profitability.
Again we can see that ING direct is not a normal bank as it is the official sponsor of the ING Renault F1 team. through this sponsorship ING reaches every corner in the world where it is not very known.

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