The website is .ING DIRECT is a financial institution specialized in direct banking or online banking which is the same and operates in a lot of countries around the world.

The site is destined to people who want to make their transactions easily, quickly, clearly, with a high profitability and without any commission.

You can do a lot of things like banking, insurance, create current and debit accounts.. simply by using direct channels like internet, phone and mail.

The website contains all you can imagine from the simplest operation like opening an account to a complicated financial transaction

One of the things that surprised me most was that ING DIRECT was the first company doing “Fresh Banking”. This bank spends a great amount of money in advertisements, I heard of Fresh Banking and I didn’t know what it meant, I looked it up and I found out that Fresh Banking=Direct Banking. Another thing that struck me was the possibility of calculating the profit that you would make depending on the money you deposit.

Mark = 5

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