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This website describes the financial activity that perform this financial entity such as investment, advertisment of their products, saving, student´s grants, etc… so this web is for people who needs financial services or similar.

" La Caixa" is a savings bank so it has an special statute different from private banks. It has not stockholders and all the profit is dedicated to the social foundation which is one of the most important in the world. The ordinary activity is dedicated to offer financial services to particulars and to all types of companies.

This website has a financial content. It has the latest economic and social news. It has a lot of advertisment of all the products. It is a very usefull website if you are a client of this entity becouse you can make your transactions at home.

The thing i found most interesting is that you can make a lot of operations with this website like recharge the credit of the celular, or even buy tickets for the cinema or the theater. I also liked the fact that they have one section dedicated for the young people with special offerings for the cinema or others shows.

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