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This website belongs to a private bank of Spain called Banif. It has more than 60.000 clients and its positioned and the highest level on financial banking. This bank is on the list of one of the most important banks in Spain with more than 37,000,000€ of assets under its own management. The have offices all around the world and provide their clients with a very successful treat. that has
Banif was mainly brought up between Banco Santander and Banif Personal Bankers. Thanks to this, Banif is characterized as well for being one of the most “elegant” and “trustful” banks.
At the website we are able to see all different kinds of information. We can look up their services and products and find out information about how to optimize our Investments. This website also offers us information up to date were we are able to see all our transaction with out mobile phone at any time at any place.
Banif has this good reputation because they realize 4 main processes with each individual:

1) Realize a complete study about your personal financial situation
2) Select the best market opportunities for your individual situation
3) Offer the best opportunities to your measure
4) Manage day-to-day your investments.

On the other hand, on the website, we can read about the latest news about the crisis we’re getting through and at their personal opinions of were and how to invest nowadays.

In conclusion, Banif is one of the best banks in Spain anc collaborated with one of the most important in the world; Santander. If you have any doubt about Banif, you have an area were you can ask any questions and you will be answered as soon as possible. In my opinion, I do believe Banif is a “select” well bank and I can say I have great confidence on them.

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