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The first modern bank was founded in Genoa, Italy in the year 1406, its name was Banco di San Giorgio. The first banks appeared in the Renaissance.

Classes of bank
Depending on the source of capital:
Banks: The capital is provided by the state.
Private banks: The capital is contributed by shareholders.
Banks mixed: The capital is formed by official and private contributions.
Depending on the type of operation:
Banks flows: These are the best community that operates the general public. Its operations include deposit account. etc., savings, loans, receipts, payments and collections on behalf of third parties, custody and securities items, rent of safes, financial
Specialized banks: They have a purpose loan.
Banks of issue: It is now preserved as banks, these banks are those that emit money.
Central Banks: They are the homes of senior bank that authorize the operation of credit institutions, the monitoring and control.
Second-tier banks are those that channel funds to the market through other financial institutions acting as intermediaries. They are primarily used to channel resources to productive sectors.

At present, the change in the needs of businesses, families and institutions, has brought the focus to banking services, which become their main source of revenue for the reduction of net interest, the more pronounced reduction more mature is the country's financial system and the lower interest rates. The means of payment (cards, checks, transfers), to ensure the success of international trade among the parties, ensuring the soundness import-export, brokering and financial market operations with large companies and public institutions shape the approach to banking as a universal financial services companies. Special mention deserve the significant holdings of the great banking business, another big source of business and power to these institutions, to form powerful multinational groups with interests in diverse areas.
Depending on the laws of the countries, banks may perform functions additional to those mentioned above, such actions negotiate, government bonds, currencies of other countries etc.. When these activities are carried out by a single bank is called universal bank or banks. Likewise, these activities can be undertaken separately by banks specialize in one or more activities in particular. This is called banking specialist.
Independent of the types of banks, they make the money circulating in the economy, the money that some people or organizations may have available to other who do not and that request. In this way facilitates the activities of these organizations and individuals and improves the performance of the economy in general. It inferred the importance of banking in the economic history of mankind.

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