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This piece of work is based on BANIF.

The URL address is

This bank’s site is aimed at all sorts of customers, from local people to large national or multinational companies willing to have a capital gain from their initial investment.

Banif is a private mutual fund linked to Santander bank, this fund lasts up to four years and after that period they guarantee you will receive you initial investment plus 100% of the raise DJ Eurostoxx 50 index as well as another 5% if the index revalues up to 50% during the life of the fund.

This site’s content is all about how they work, their vision of the market, their recommendations and how to optimize your investments.

The things that has impressed me the most about this site is the fact that such a large mutual fund collaborates directly with foundation Lealtad which is a non lucrative and independent entity with the objective of stimulate collaborations in terms of donations as well as volunteering.

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