advertising homework1

Advertisig Homework:

1. What is the URL? and you can choosse your language. we choosse UK & IRELAND. In this case the Url is

2. Who os the site aimed at?
This site present the new famous console "the wii". This product it is for all the people, but especially from the young.This console is very innovate because it is without wires and you play with the movement.

3.What can they do there?
You can find information about the product and including tcnical details.
On the top of the site yoy can find a different links:
a) wii experience: many videos of different reaction about the wii experience
b) wii channels: information about the menu. this menu offers cariety os entertainment, information and comunicacion channels.
c) wii tv: you can see the tv spots from across the globe
d) wii software: different games
e) wii ware: gives your access to new wii software available to buy and download exclusively through the wii shop channel.

4.What type of content does it contain?
This site has many colors and a lot of photographs for atract the attencion of the buyers.

5.Did you find anythig surprising/especially interesting?
I surprising about the first link. It is very entertained to see the videos of different reactions about the wii experience. I think this console is other pass for the future.

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