advertising homework


The URL is the address of a web page on the world wide web.
The web site I have chosen for this work, is the web site of a well known brand of cars: Wolkswagen.
You could find more information in this page:

The web site is not addressed to a public limited. This is because we can find all type of cars. Cheap cars like the polo or the fox wich are aimed to young people or people with little purchasing power ; or expensive and luxury cars wich are aimed to a selected public. We can also find the Toureg. The touareg is a 4X4 aimed to customers that want to use this cars specially in the countryside but also it is a good car on road, therefore it is an expensive car and not everybody can afford it.

In the site the customers can book the car they want or consult prizes.
They can also choose the different accessories they want to have, watch the catalogue available, there is a part of the web where we can see where are the concessionaires of wolkswagen.

The site contains pictures of the new cars that camed out recently. It contains as well a bar in wich we can click the car we want to see.

What i found interesting about this page and mostly about Wolkswagen is that there are cars that everybody can afford. If you want a cheap but reliable car you can buy a Polo. If you want a more complete car you can buy a Phaeton or a Touareg.

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