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This web site is targeted at women who feel they have to change some part of their aspect. That is to say, women who want to either undergo surgery to model any part of their bodies or use cosmetics to improve the quality of tissues or muscles, such as anticellulite creams.
Women, although I did not find any sentence denying to satisfy men’s needs concerning plastic or cosmetic surgery, can find the ultimate purpose of the medical center, as well as the variety in treatments Clínica Menorca offers, a patient’s guide, the most recent news on cosmetic surgery and training sessions. In addition, there is a picture gallery which shows the prospect patient what type of facilities they count on and some of the staff working at the center. Users can register so that they keep posted with the latest news. There are also F.A.Q. which solve most of the questions that raise once someone has decided to undergo a medical procedure like these ones.
People interested in working for them can also find a link to address to as well as the contact details and location of Clínica Menorca.
What I found more interesting about the website is the fact of providing so much information about everything, since this type of business does seem to be mysterious and secret in a way.

Ignacio Vicente Rodrigo

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