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This website is aimed to those people that want to buy a Audi car. Here you can see all the models they have available, you can also create your own car, selecting the colour, the type of engine you want and all short of extras when you finish, the website will give you a approximate price, this tool is really helpful, because its allows you to know more about the car you want to buy.

Their philosophy is clear: Innovation.
Innovation in all possible areas a car company can move. Since 1932,audi has always progressed in order to improve the essential props of driving: Technology, safety, design and ecology

From my point of view, this site is exemplary because apart of giving you information about their cars, they also try to give not just a good image of themselves, but to transmit a friendly and solidary one.

This website compared with other car sites its much more complete it offers a lot of information about the evolution of their cars but always with the same target since the company was found in 1932 innovate and progress. Trough their website this enterprise transmit a lot of confidence and certainty.

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